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This channel will provide updates on regenerative medicine clinical trials, including all aspects of regenerative medicine such as cell-based therapies and drug therapies in clinical investigation. It covers not just upcoming clinical trials and those in progress or recently completed, but also looks as related topics such as dosage and protocols.

Could Collagen-rich Fibroblast Cells from the Hair Follicle Reverse Skin Damage?

RepliCel Life Sciences has received approval to conduct a phase 1 trial in healthy volunteers investigating the potential of its skin rejuvenation product, RCS-01, to treat intrinsic aging of the skin, skin wrinkling and solar degeneration of the skin. RepliCel’s non-bulbar dermal sheath-derived fibroblast therapy (RCS-01) provides a promising treatment for these conditions by providing UV-naïve collagen-producing cells directly to affected areas. RepliCel’s unique manufacturing technology allows for isolation of fibroblasts derived from anagen-hair follicle mesenchymal tissue, which elicit efficient replication potential in culture. Furthermore, the proprietary culture conditions in which RCS-01 is manufactured should enable these cells to maintain their inherent ability to adapt to their microenvironment and respond to the surrounding stimuli after injection, leading to robust, natural production of type 1 collagen, elastin and other extracellular proteins within the tissue. The goal is to develop a first-of-its-kind treatment for fine wrinkles on sun-damaged skin.
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Sep 01, 2015