Clinical trials

This channel will provide updates on regenerative medicine clinical trials, including all aspects of regenerative medicine such as cell-based therapies and drug therapies in clinical investigation. It covers not just upcoming clinical trials and those in progress or recently completed, but also looks as related topics such as dosage and protocols.

Recruitment for cellular treatment for chronic Achilles tendinosis underway

Chronic Achilles tendinosis affects both physically active and inactive individuals accounting for 30 to 50% of all sports injuries and 50% of occupation-related disorders in the United States. The study will include 28 participants with chronic Achilles tendinosis. Study participants will receive ultrasound-guided injections of either RCT-01 or placebo (on a 3:1 treatment-to-placebo ratio) directly into areas of injury within the Achilles tendon. Participants’ overall health and tendinosis will be monitored over a six month period while they undergo post-treatment physiotherapy to help facilitate recovery from their Achilles tendinosis.
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Apr 15, 2015