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Off-the-shelf cell products have been a dream for the cell therapy field since its incarnation and that dream may be realized as we move towards allogeneic CAR-T cells.

Over the past year, chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) have erupted onto the cell therapy market. These CARs are utilized in a variety of cell types and for a range of conditions; however, the most successful deployment of the technology has been in the autologous treatment of blood cancers with T-cells.

So far, autologous therapies have somewhat dominated the clinics and journals, but, as our understanding of the therapy advances, eyes are turning towards the ability to mass-produce allogeneic CAR-T products for a lower cost and an ability to reach more patients.

However, there remain several significant difficulties. What kind of materials do you require? What are the logistical challenges? How do you ensure quality? In this Spotlight we will be examining CAR-T and its journey to an allogeneic cell therapy. With expert opinions from industry leaders, we will be looking at the necessities in manufacturing, the solutions available and some of the issues the field has to address.

Finally, we will hear from leading experts in the field who will review ethical and regulatory developments that could impact developers and patients.

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