Editor’s picks: Advanced Therapies Week 2022

Written by Freya Leask

Miami Beach. Florida. USA.

The largest event for cell and gene therapy is back! Advanced Therapies Week (25-28 January, 2022) connects industry leaders with a focus on commercialization and building partnerships. This year brings the event to a new venue, on Miami Beach (FL, USA), and more tools and tech companies than ever, including a mobile clean room experience.

Why should you attend Advanced Therapies Week 2022?

After 2 years without events, for many attendees the draw of attendance will be networking; building and reinforcing the relationships that will help bring these advanced therapies to patients. However, as always, Advanced Therapies Week provides a forum for discussion and insight into the latest developments and what their impact will be, from new enabling technologies, supporting regulation and clinical innovation.

If you’re attending, don’t forget to stop by the Media Area to say hello, pick up a hard copy of the 5th edition of our glossary and let us know what your plans for 2022 are.

Read on for the talks and presentations I’ll be in the front row for; I’d love to hear your tips for what you’re looking forward to by Twitter or email.

Manufacturing: new enabling technologies, reducing bottlenecks and improving efficiency

  • Reducing Manufacturing Bottlenecks: Nailing your Process Development in the Early Stages of Development (26 Jan, 15:30): Chaired by Patrick Lucy (Lykan Biosciences, MA, USA), Volker Huppert (Glycostem Therapeutics, The Netherlands), Hannah P. Lesch (Exothera, Belgium), Carmen Brenner (Novadip, Belgium) and Tony Ward (GPB Scientific, CA, USA) will discuss how closed systems are disrupting early-stage manufacturing, enhancing yield and optimizing process.
  • Reducing Timelines with Innovative Scale Up and Scale Out Technologies (27 Jan, 11:00): In a series of presentations using AAV, T-cell and other ATMP production as examples, join this session chaired by Joseph Micsko (CAI, IN, USA) and featuring Arnaud Deladeriere (Triumvira Immunologics, TX, USA), George Buchman (Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy, NJ, USA), Emily Titus (Notch Therapeutics, Vancouver, Canada) and Tania Pereira Chilima (Univercells Technologies, Belgium) to learn about overcoming variability, scalability and comparability challenges.
  • Moving the Industry Towards Automated Systems for Scale-up Success (27 Jan, 15:30): Discover the value of automation, closed systems and process analytical technologies in this session chaired by J Kelly Ganjei (AmplifyBio, OH, USA), featuring presentations from Kim Raineri (AVROBIO, MA, USA), Edita Botonjic-Sehic (Pall Corporation, NY, USA), Mitja Scholz (BlueRock Therapeutics, MA, USA) and Dan Strange (TTP plc, UK).

Clinical updates: rare diseases, unique challenges and setting your therapy up for success

  • Patient-Centric Development: Protecting Hospitals and Qualified Treatment Centers from Growing Demand and Pressure (26 Jan, 13:30): Chaired by Blair Clark-Schoeb (Aruvant, NY, USA), Keith L. March (University of Florida, USA), Diego Correa (IQVIA, NC, USA), James Wang (Juventas Cell Therapy, OH, USA), Julia Tarasenko (Marken, NC, USA).
  • Development in Cell & Gene Therapy to Treat Rare and Difficult Indications (28 Jan, 09:00): Join this session, chaired by Holly May (AVROBIO), to hear from Daniel Smith (Charles River Laboratories, MA, USA), Samik Basu (Cabaletta Bio, PA, USA) and Michael Leek (TC Biopharm, UK) about how CAR-T and gamma-delta T cells are being using to treat rare autoimmune and oncologic disorders.
  • Development in Stem Cell Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine (28 Jan, 11:00): Has the promise of regenerative been fulfilled? In this session, chaired by Eugene Brandon (IQVIA), join Ian McNiece (Biocardia, CA, USA), Phil Morton (Albumedix Ltd., UK), Miguel Forte (Bone Therapeutics, Belgium) and Mari Mitrani (Organicell Regenerative Medicine, FL, USA) as they share their insight into improving cell viability, understanding extracellular vesicles and sourcing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to further improve regenerative therapeutics.

Regulation: considerations from manufacturing and delivery to patient access and pricing

  • Where Are We Now and Where Are We Heading? Cell and Gene Therapy in 2022 (26 Jan, 09:00): Reviewing the current landscape of regulatory requirements and investigating how FDA can facilitate development of advanced therapies, Tim Farries (BioPharma Excellence, Germany) will chair a session featuring Janet Lynch Lambert (Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, DC, USA), Susan Nichols (Propel Biosciences, MA, USA), Peter Marks (FDA, MD, USA), and Shephard Mpofu (Novartis Gene Therapies, IL, USA).
  • Patient and Payer Challenges: Enabling Access to Patients through Market Access, Pricing and Patient-Led Discussion (28 Jan, 11:00): Review lessons learned from COVID-19, blood disorders and more in this discussion with John Schick (InstilBio, TX, USA), Clark Paramore (bluebird bio, MA, USA), Tom Whitehead (Emily Whitehead Foundation, PA, USA) and Sean McAuliffe (Taysha Gene Therapies, TX, USA), chaired by Lucas De Breed (August Care).

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