Finding information, fighting misinformation

Like many emerging fields, the regenerative medicine industry has been surrounded by hype – promotion, whether intentionally or unintentionally, which can exaggerate the benefits or potential benefits of a new technology. With the advent of for-profit clinics touting unproven therapies, regenerative medicine resources and information available to patients is now coming from a range of sources. How can consumers tell information from reputable sources, such as research organizations and legitimate healthcare facilities, from misinformation, incorrect or inaccurate information that is circulated by less trustworthy sources? Where is the line drawn between misinformation and disinformation, which is shared with the intention of deceiving?

In this section of the Patient Zone, find regenerative medicine resources for identifying and accessing unbiased and trustworthy information about regenerative medicine therapies. You can also find the latest news about efforts to fight fake news and misinformation.