Growth factors - Current Research & New Developments

Ever wonder why we don't see more growth-factor based therapies? Here's why and what's coming up in the pipeline.

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Growth factors influence key renewal and repair activities in all tissue types. Ever wonder why we don't see more growth-factor based therapies? Getting these regenerative powerhouses to work the way we want them to is trickier than you might think. This quick overview will give you some background and history on this class of proteins and development challenges, introduce the marketed drugs in this class, and discuss recent developments attempting to adapt these proteins for their best regenerative use. Strategies covered in detail include local delivery and biomaterials for this purpose.

What Happened & What's Next - Part 2: Growth Factors

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Rhonda Wallen

Head, Strategic Growth & Alliances, Terumo BCT

Ms. Wallen is an entrepreneur and former venture capitalist who advises young companies on matters of financing, strategy and business development and provides diligence and strategic advice for angel and investment groups as they evaluate potential investments in life science opportunities. Trained in molecular biology at Stanford, Ms. Wallen began her career studying growth factors and their impact on cell differentiation. Following graduate school she delved into regenerative medicine during her leadership of drug delivery and biomaterials licensing and collaborations at Bayer and then Guidant (Boston Scientific). As a venture investor, Ms. Wallen performed in depth evaluation of dozens of deals in biotech, medtech, and diagnostics and invested over $10M of capital which has generated returns to investors. She has co-founded two therapeutic-focused oncology companies, raised capital, and negotiated and executed numerous strategic partnership, licensing and R&D agreements.

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