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Selina Delight on Apr 26, 2018 • 1 answer
Hi Selina - we love being media partners with events! Please send any info you have to editor@regmednet.c... Read more »
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RegMedNet on Apr 26, 2018

Can I volunteer to partiucipate in the BMP 7 trials for osteoarthritis? Thanks. Bill

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Bill Rowe on Apr 22, 2017 • 1 answer
Hi Bill - you can find lots of information about all BMP 7 trials by searching on eg For information about a specific clinical trial, I'd recommend contacting the lead investigator or company in charge. They'll be able to assist you furth... Read more »
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Freya Leask on Apr 24, 2017

Hi. How can I access the recorded version of the case case study "review on large-scale manufacturing of stem cell therapies"?

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Marcos Langtry on Feb 28, 2017 • 2 answers
Hi Marcos, Thank you for your comments, unfortunately, the webinar is no longer available to view. However, if you have questions about this webinar or wish to request related slides and materials then please visit: to contact Terumo BCT and submit your reque... Read more »
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Amy Bamford on Feb 28, 2017

I am interested in exploring Degenerative disc disease studies that might allow me to find alternative options for my lower back

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John Malone on Nov 08, 2016 • 1 answer
Hello John. Check out Œ'A closer look at stem cells' on the ISSCR website ( and then have a look at relevant clinical trials on the following website; www.clinicaltrials.go... Read more »
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Curtis Asante on Nov 10, 2016

speakers call from tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 2016

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Sarah Jayne on Oct 04, 2016 • 1 answer
Hi Sarah, could you please provide a link to the event website and perhaps some contact details, so anyone interested can find out more information? Thank you, Alex
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Alexandra Thompson on Oct 04, 2016

Should social media and networking tools be used by scientists to engage with the public?

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Alexandra Thompson on Sep 18, 2015 • 1 answer
The short answer is yes - scientists and their institutions should use social media to engage with the public. Scientists and their institutions have an obligation to engage with the public around their wo... Read more »
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Alan Regenberg on Sep 18, 2015