Spotlight on acellular regenerative medicine

The use of exosomes as a cell-free therapeutic tool requires the production of clinically relevant amounts of high-quality vesicles. However, as every multistep process, the exosome production workflow offers many opportunities of variability, questions, and challenges. An efficient manufacturing process must be standardized, reproducible, and scalable. As a valuable advantage, and by contrast with conventional 2D culture systems, stirred-tank bioreactors combine scalability with the maintenance of a more stable and physiological environment.

In this Spotlight, produced in association with Eppendorf, we will explore the benefits of using exosomes as a cell-free therapy and how to manufacture them at a commercial scale, including how exosome manufacturing differs to cell manufacturing. We will also delve further into stem cell-derived exosome production in stirred-tank bioreactors to achieve high-quality extracellular vesicles in standardized culture conditions. Finally, we will convene experts in the field to discuss current obstacles and unmet needs associated with the field of acellular regenerative medicine and share their insights into the future.

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