International Conference on Repair, Regeneration and Reconstruction agenda

The ICR3 is an exciting new meeting being held 25th-27th September 2014

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Sep 25, 2014

RegMedNet is attending another conference in September; the ICR3.

This conference will be the first time that the disparate research genres of tissue engineering, bioscaffolds, tissue substitutes and complex wound care will be placed in one venue to present and interact. Importantly, it will be a venue for researchers to get in touch with the industries that can turn their research into therapies and devices for patients use. The meeting will encourage participation from venture capital companies, offering advice on commercialisation of regenerative technologies.

For more information see here, and find the agenda below.

We are really excited to be attending here at RegMedNet, so please say hello to the team!


15:30 Welcome Reception at House of Lords


09:00 Welcome


Chairs: TBC

09:10 Keynote Repair, Regeneration and Reconstruction

Sir Martin Evans (Cardiff/UK)

09:40 Biomaterials as a toolbox for stem cell differentiation

Sandra Van Vlierberghe (Ghent/BEL)

09:48 A novel transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) antagonist promotes wound healing, reduces fibrosis and facilitates epithelial regeneration

Jung S Huang (St. Louis/USA)

09:56 Keynote The Wound Healing Microenvironment

Elof Eriksson (Boston/USA)

10:26 Dynamics of filopodium-like protrusion and endothelial cellular motility on 1-D extracellular matrix fibrils

Yan Yan Shery Huang (Cambridge/USA)

10:34 The 'Ideal' Biomaterial for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: An in vitro assessment of plasma-modified nanocomposites

Tom Andrew (London/UK)

10:42 Keynote Development of organs using biodegradation nanomaterials and stem cells

Alexander M Seifalian (London/UK)

11:12 Coffee & Exhibitions


Chairs: Daniel Tilkorn (Essen/DE) & Paul Cederna (Ann Arbor/USA)

11:45 Keynote Autologous bone marrow implantation of cells for cartilage regeneration

Mr Richard Villar (Cambridge/UK)

12:05 Mesenchymal stem cells seeded on extracellular matrix for long-term full-thickness hernia repair in a small animal model

Ondrej Mestak (Prague/CZE)

12:13 In vivo regeneration of micro-vascular pedicle

Vincenzo Vindigni (Padova/ITA)

12:21 Keynote Acute reconstruction: Lessons Learnt from the British Military Experience

Steven Jeffery (Birmingham/UK)

12:41 Luncheon & Exhibitions


Chairs: TBC

13:40 Keynote Bionic Limbs: The Future

Gordon Blunn (London/UK)

14:10 Keynote Title TBC

NHS Blood and Transplant I

14:25 Keynote Title TBC

NHS Blood and Transplant II

14:40 Keynote Application of autologous cell therapy and tissue banking in the field of regenerative medicine for reconstructive surgery - Past, Present and Future

David Haddow (Cambridge/UK)

15:00 Tea & Exhibitions


Chairs: Carlos Neves (Goiânia/BRA) & Benoit Hendrickx (Brussels/BEL)

15:25 Keynote Autologous Fat Transfer: Science and Clinical Practice

Ramon Llull (Mallorca/SPN)

15:45 Adipogenesis by mechanical stimulation with external volume expansion

Luca Lancerotto (Padova/ITA)

15:53 Adipose-derived stem cells: a novel, shortened isolation protocol yielding multipotent cells from fat

Anna Wilson (London/UK)

16:01 Antipsychotic drugs and adipogenesis

Chiara Pavan (Turin/Italy)

16:09 8 years experience in Autologous Fat Grafting: from Reconstruction to Regeneration

Marco Klinger (Rozzano/ITA)

16:17 Use of autologous fat grafting for reconstruction post-mastectomy and breast conserving surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of oncological outcomes

Alexander Fowler (London/UK)

16:25 Keynote Adipose Therapeutics - State of the Art

Prof. Yves Harder (Lugano/SUI)

16:45 Clinical experience with Integra® flowable wound matrix to treat adherent and concave scars

Vincent Casoli (Bordeaux/FRA)

16:53 The Use of Acellular Dermis in Craniofacial Reconstruction

Anil Madaree

17:01 The double loop mattress stitch: a clinically important, novel interrupted stitch

John Biddlestone (Dundee/UK)

17:09 Keynote Breast Reconstruction - State of the Art

19:30 Gala Dinner at Hotel Russell, Russell Square



Chairs: Ondrej Mestak (Praha/CZE) & William Kuzon (Ann Arbor/USA)

09:00 Keynote Effective tissue regeneration using stem cells

Rica Tanaka(Juntendo/JPN)

09:25 Optimization of functional, perfusable vascular networks within tissue engineered hydrogels

Elisa Rezaie (Amsterdam/NLD)

09:33 Recellularization with adscs of decellularized human tendons

Vincenzo Vindigni (Padova/ITA)

09:41 Keynote Cell and Gene Transfer Strategies for Vascularization During Skin Wound Healing

Aernout Lutton (Leuven/BEL)

10:01 Simultaneous dermal matrix and autologous split-thickness skin graft

transplantation in a porcine wound model: a three-dimensional histological analysis of revascularization

Maria Wiedner (Vienna/AUT)

10:09 Differences in expression of the suppressor of cytokine signalling (socs) family members in chronic wound tissue

Yi Feng (Cardiff/UK)

10:18 Keynote Development of fully autologous vascularized dermal substitutes for full thickness skin defects

Benoit Hendrickx (Brussels/BEL)

10:38 Directed in vitro myogenesis of human pluripotent stem cells and their in vivo engraftment using biomimetic matrices

Shyni Varghese (san Diego/USA)

10:46 A novel device to mechanically vary boundary stiffness conditions of fibroblast populated collagen gels

Peter Hugh Dawson (Dublin/IRL)

10:54 Keynote Title TBC

Daniel Tilkorn (Essen/DE)

11:11 A new frontier in the treatment of secondary lymphoedema: Development of tissue engineered lymphatic graft

Muholan Kanapathy (London/UK)

11:19 nWASP (neural wiskott-aldrich syndrome protein) inhibition as a potential wound healing therapy

Bethan Frugtniet (Cardiff/UK)

11:27 Keynote Title TBC

Christian Weinand (Cologne/GER)

11:42 Coffee & Exhibitions


Chairs: Rolf-Dieter Bader (Jena/DE) & Giuseppe Cuccia (Palermo/ITA)

12:00 Keynote Innovative Surgical Solutions for Complex Wound Problems

Charles E Butler (Texas/USA)

12:25 The role of 3D printing in plastic surgery

Zita Jessop (Swansea/UK)

12:33 Radiation of low level laser in viability of burns in rats

Igor Fagioli Bordello Masson (São Paulo/BRA)

12:41 Characterising the role of muscle connective tissue in limb muscle morphogenesis: A novel approach

Log Murugesan (London/UK)

12:49 Influence of octenilin® wound gel on postoperative wound healing and scarring after abdominoplasty

Johannes Matiasek (Vienna/AUT)

12:57 Silicone-impregnated and saline-soaked gauze dressings: A prospective pilot study

Omar Nasher (Nottingham/UK)

13:00 Rapid Patterning of 1-D Collagenous Topography as an ECM Protein Fibril Platform for Image Cytometry

Yan Yan Shery Huang (Cambridge/UK)

13:00 Luncheon & Exhibitions


Chairs: Andreas Göhritz (Basel/SUI)

14:00 Keynote Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interfaces for Motor and Sensory Control of Prosthetics

Paul Cederna (Ann Arbor/USA)

14:25 Effects of human adipose derived stem cells on peripheral nerve regeneration in rabbits

Jose M Lasso (Madrid/SPN)

14:33 Laser sculpting technique for cutaneous scars with CO2 and er:YAG lasers in combination

Yongsoo Lee (Cheongju/KOR)

14:41 23 year experience with 2500 surgical procedures for repair of scalp defects using a tissue extender

Patrick Frechet (Geneva/SUI)

14:49 Computational assessment of femoral heads on cementless total hip replacement stability

Obinna Kenneth Ihesiulor (Canberra/AUS)

14:57 Starting the robotic latissimus muscle harvest for breast reconstruction

Ioannis Bitzos (Athens/GRC)

15:00 Keynote Title TBC

Michael W Neumeister (Springfield/USA)

15:20 Tea & Exhibitions


Chairs: Michael Neumeister (Springfield/USA) & Charles Butler (Houston/USA)

15:50 Rigid reconstruction of the chest wall after sternectomy and modified radical mastectomy

Beatrice Koh (SGN)

15:58 Histomorphometric analysis of nerve biopsies in the two-stage cross-face free muscle transfer for facial reanimation with correlation to the functional outcome

Khaled Mohamed Hassan (Cairo/EGY)

16:06 Proposal of a combined pedicled fascia lata and anterolateral thigh flap to reconstruct the abdominal wall

Carlos Neves (Goiânia/BRA)

16:14 Risks of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in plastic and reconstructive surgery: a meta-analysis

Murray Forsyth (Nottingham/UK)

16:22 Tissue engineering for the oesophagus: A review of the current concepts, methods and results

Julia Ruston (London/UK)

16:30 Keynote Innovation in Head & Neck Reconstructive Surgery: From Perforators to Tissue Engineering

Jan Vranckx (Leuven/BEL)

16:50 Keynote Current principles of facial allotransplantation

Julian J Pribaz (Harvard/USA)

17:20 Keynote From partial to full-face transplantation: total ablation and restoration, a change in the reconstructive paradigm

Juan Pedro Barret Nerin (Barcelona/SPN)

17:40 Keynote Title TBC-Facial Transplantation: Ethics, Pitfalls & Lessons for the Future

Bernard Devauchelle (Amiens/FRA)

18:00 Keynote The challenges & management of complications following composite tissue allotransplantation

Jean-Michel Dubernard (Lyons/FRA)


19:30 Jazz Dinner at Boisdale of Belgravia

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