Translation and Clinical Trials track at WSCS114

Showcases significant clinical trials from around the world

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Oct 29, 2014

The Translation and Clinical Trials track showcases significant clinical trials from around the world, analyzing the pathways to the clinic and prospects for delivering treatments. The track will include discussions on overcoming regulatory obstacles and the role of patients. Some panels will be grouped around specific medical conditions. Other relevant issues include cell standardization, reimbursements, ethical issues, tech transfer and legal solutions. Additional focus on defining teams; transitioning from discovery to manufacturing to clinical testing; differences in regulations in various countries; defining safety, labeling, marketing, shipping and logistics planning; challenges in and managing shared data.

Some topics within the Translation and Clinical Trials track expected to be covered at the Summit are:

  • US military investment in regenerative medicine
  • Stem cells translational medicine
  • Leading clinical trials
  • Global strategies – finding common ground
  • Banking on cord blood stem cells: is the future here?
  • Missing link for successful trials: the non-human primate imperative
  • IPSC’s for drug discovery
  • Cardiovascular clinical trials
  • The life of a cellular therapeutic from conception to maturity as viewed through the lenses of academia, regulatory and commercialization
  • Stem cell registries and banks: advancing regulation and standardization
  • Establishing best practices for the production of high quality stem cell lines

What topic are you most intrigued by? The US military have been doing some fantastic work (if you haven't read 'Regenerative medicine applications in combat casualty care.' Regen Med. 2014 Mar;9(2):179–190 please take a look!), so I'd be excited to hear more about that. However, I think standardization of stem cell banks and registries is going to be hugely important in helping the field moving forward and therefore I believe that will be a particularly interesting talk.

Keep up to date with the program by viewing the agenda here.

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