Regenerative Services track at WSCS14

Focusing on the emerging role of regenerative medicine in clinical practice

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Nov 06, 2014

The Regenerative Services track focuses on the emerging role of regenerative medicine in clinical practice. Presenting the ‘here and now’, panels will include discussions on reconstructive surgery, wound healing, neurological, orthopedic treatments, sports medicine and regenerative surgeries. Sessions will also be aimed at preparing clinicians and hospital administrators transitioning regenerative medicine into day-to-day medical practice. Patients are key stakeholders and panels will be focused on providing patients, and their families, with the tools to make informed decisions about future treatments. How the military is utilizing regenerative medicine in caring for wounded warriors and veterans care will also be highlighted.

Some specific topics within the Regenerative Services track expected to be covered at the Summit are:

  • Adipose tissue and SVF – progress towards effective therapies
  • Plastic surgery and the clinical use of stem cells
  • Clinicians guide to avoiding compliance issues with the FDA and FTC
  • Cell standardization for clinical practice
  • Adipose tissue and SVF – all things considered
  • RegMed solutions for orthopedic injuries and extremity regeneration
  • Wound healing and restorative medicine
  • Stem cell treatments in sports medicine
  • General regenerative medicine
  • Consumer guide to stem cell therapies: questions to ask before committing to treatment
  • RegMed as a tool for muscle regeneration

Stem cell treatments in sports medicine is certainly a well-publicized area of discussion, with many high-profile sportspeople have received cell therapy treatment (there was a great commentary on this by Timothy Caulfield in 2012, found here). There are articles like this one here on The Jets’ Chris Johnson’s cell therapy earlier this year that are followed by comments by laypersons debating cell therapy and recommending treatments and doctors, which shows a clear need for better public understanding of what different therapies are and why they are regulated.

Wound healing is also a big area – the US military have been doing a lot of work in this area, as well as plastic surgeons, trying to improve the results of surgery. Ultimately therapies and designed to go to the clinic for use, so this track, updating on the current status of regenerative medicine on the clinic, will show the progress that has been made to date.

Keep up to date with the program by viewing the agenda here.

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