Hot Topics and Future Trends track at WSCS14

Presenting on the major events of the year and the future of the field

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Nov 11, 2014

The Hot Topics & Future Trends track presents the ‘Future of a Biomedical Revolution’ focusing on bold and innovative solutions and showcasing guru-visionaries and inspiring advocacy leaders. The track highlights headline-grabbing research and controversies. Also showcased will be emerging role of blood and tissue centers in regenerative medicine, model international collaborations, the development of top-flight academic interdisciplinary stem cell/regenerative medicine institutes, the critical unmet need for cell standardization, integrity of scientific progress and how insurance products will revolutionize the cell therapy and storage industries.

Some specific topics within the Hot Topics & Future Trends track expected to be covered at the Summit are:

  • Global regulation of stem cell therapies
  • Regenerative medicine: a new era of discovery and innovation
  • Regenerative medicine and stem cell institutes: the best practices for achieving success
  • Regenerative medicine for aging: making rejuvenation comprehensive, not cosmetic
  • Building a regional innovation ecosystem to foster regenerative medicine and life science companies
  • Reproducibility and rigor in research: what we have learned from STAP debacle
  • Standardization – rules of the road
  • Growing whole organs
  • Academic and commercial opportunities in pursuit of longevity
  • New paths to the final frontier: enabling stem cell research in space for life on earth
  • NASA: stem cells in space
  • The power of targeted philanthropy
  • Global advocacy

I can’t be the only one excited by the topic ‘stem cells in space’. Hearing from an ex-astronaut? Yes please! Also, the recent successes in growing organs is obviously a very exciting topic, with huge implications for organ transplantation, making this another talk that I’m sure will draw in large crowds.

The STAP presentation will likely be popular, having had such coverage and causing such a scandal within the community this year, as well as having such long-reaching repercussions. With this in mind, it is important that we learn from the event, and hopefully that is what the STAP talk will convey.

Keep up to date with the program by viewing the agenda here.

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