LRMN and Cell Therapy Catapult meeting agenda

The December 2014 meeting of the LRMN, with Cell Therapy Catapult, will be focused on cell therapy commercialization

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Nov 21, 2014

The LRMN’s last meeting of 2014 will comprise of three experts with differing experiences from academic and commercial settings presenting their thoughts and experiences in getting to market. This meeting is the third meeting supported by the Cell Therapy Catapult and is free of charge to attend and will take place on Monday 8th December 2014 at UCL, London.

18.00: Registration and networking while previewing the LRMN Cell Therapy Masterclass with Dr Paul Kemp (CEO, Intercytex, Manchester, UK)

18.30: Welcome – Matthew Durdy (Cell Therapy Catapult) and Dr Emily Culme-Seymour (LRMN)

18.35: Traversing the 3Rs: Regeneration, Regulation, and Reimbursement – Dr Tania Bubela (University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada)

19.05: Q & A

19.10: Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it: Lessons learned from commercialisation of 3 cell therapies – Dr. Sven Kili (Sanofi Biosurgery, Oxford, UK)

19.40: Q & A

19.45: CMC: Can't Make Cells? – Dr.Anthony Davies (Dark Horse Consulting, Inc., CA, US)

20.15: Q & A

20.20: Closing remarks – Matthew Durdy (Cell Therapy Catapult) and Dr Emily Culme-Seymour (LRMN)

20.25: 22.00 – LRMN Reception


I and my lovely colleague Elena, the Regenerative Medicine Commissioning Editor, will be attending this meeting, if anyone fancies a chat!

We are especially looking forward to this meeting as Dr Bubela is a Regenerative Medicine author andwrote a fantastic article on the global landscape of stem cell clinical trials for us at the beginning of the year – it is always nice to see authors in person for a change! The LRMN and Cell Therapy Catapult meeting earlier this year was excellent, so I'm certain this next one will be too.

Are you attending this meeting? What are your thoughts on achieving scalable, cost-effective manufacturing strategies for cell therapies? Let us know in the comments below!

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