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Stem Cell Scientist and Entrepreneur for Industrial/Medical Application

Prof Nakatsuji is a graduate from Kyoto University. He obtained postdoctoral training in Sweden, USA and UK. He became a professor at National Institute of Genetics in 1991. In 1999, He moved to the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences at Kyoto University, which was reorganized for regenerative medicine. His laboratory established monkey ES cell lines in 2000 followed by human ES cell lines (Kh...

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What’s Important for Success of Multi-Sector Consortium in Regenerative Medicine

Recently, Japan has given two prominent topics, bad and good, to the global regenerative medicine community. The former is the over-promoted but fabricated STAP stem cell papers, and the latter is a rather unusual bold move by Japanese government to start flexible and relaxed regulation to advance the stem cell-based therapy. Then, what are happening in Japan?
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Aug 31, 2014