BioEden enters strategic biobanking partnership with Precious Cell Group

The two stem cell companies, BioEden and Precious Cell Group, have teamed up to widen access to dental stem cell biobanking.

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Sep 15, 2015

Market leaders BioEden (West Yorkshire, UK) are teaming up with Precious Cells Group, a London (UK)-based Medtech Company who specialize in enabling the harvesting and banking of stem cells from cord blood and peripheral blood-derived stem cells.

The energy and long-term commitment by BioEden to support and make the highest quality of tooth stem cell banking available to the majority will now extend their services to the clients of Precious Cells.

"Precious Cells Group, we are striving to build relationships and services with others in the regenerative medicine space,” explained Athol Haas, VP for Mergers and Acquisitions. “Our strategic partnership with the world's leading tooth stem cell bank is a breakthrough for positive co-operation within our industry.”

BioEden have set the gold standard in stem cell harvesting and storage from teeth and are operational in 22 different countries. Their specialist team comprises scientists, researchers and business leaders from around the globe.

Precious Cells will process the stem cells using BioEden’s unique patented method within their purpose built state-of-the-art cell and tissue processing facilities, whereas BioEden will manage the entire specialist tooth stem cell banking proposition. Both organizations operate under the highest quality and safety standards and are regulated and licensed by the Human Tissue Authority.

“Both companies are delighted to work together building on the excellent work in stem cell medicine thus far,” commented Tony Veverka, BioEden’s Group CEO. “We are proud to give parents the opportunity to bank their children’s tooth cells, and help them secure a better future.”


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