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Human Platelet Lysate is an efficient, safe and standardised alternative to Fetal Bovine Serum.

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Apr 04, 2017

Maco Pharma Biotherapy offers a cell culture range that can provide everything you need to successfully set up and perform your cell culture. We endeavor to cover every steps: from innovative culture systems to quality media and supplements. With the development of new cellular therapies and the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, cell expansion using traditional supplements such as FBS (fetal bovine serum) carries substantial risks and disadvantages when used for clinical applications1. There is currently an increasing “trend” favoring safe, xenogenic risk-free, standardised cellular therapy product.

Our core media supplement, MultiPL’30 human Platelet Lysate, was developed with this in mind and is a xenogenic risk-free alternative to FBS that enhances cell proliferation. MultiPL’30 contains 30% plasma, 70% additive solution and is rich in growth factors. MultiPL’30 is the FIRST and ONLY human platelet lysate with this composition on the market!2 MultiPL’30 allows you to promote the expansion of MSCs and other cell types with less supplementation than required when using FBS improving the efficiency of your process.3

With our strong belief that xeno-free supplements are the future, we have decided to expand our range by launching a new human Platelet Lysate: MultiPL’100. Just like its sibling, MultiPL’100 is used as a first-class supplement in your cell culture medium to enhance cell expansion and is an alternative to FBS. It is made of 100% plasma without any additive solution, therefore it presents different features from MultiPL’30.

While many claim having the best platelet lysate available on the market, stringent testing shows us a different story. With MultiPL’30 & MultiPL’100 you have double the chances of finding the ideal supplement for your cells.
For more information about our MultiPL’ range, check our dedicated website.

MultiPL’, human Platelet Lysate contains human source material and must be treated as potentially infectious. Despite all testing, proper safety precautions for potentially infectious agent must be taken. This document is for the exclusive use of the healthcare and cell culture professional.

For more information about MultiPL’ range, check our dedicated website

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2. Based on a market research carried on internally in March 2017.
3. Internal results.

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