What is Cell Therapy?

Find out about Cell Therapy and what makes it different from other treatments available to patients today!

Cell Therapy is an emerging form of treatment for cancer and other diseases. Particularly focusing on autologous immunotherapy treatment, dendritic cells are removed from the patient and manipulated outside of the body using a signal from the tumor or cancer. When the cells are reentered into the body, the tumor or cancer is recognized as foreign, other cells recognize this foreign signal, and a natural immune response is generated.

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Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, Cell Therapy

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences designs and manufactures VueLife® cell culture bags and KryoSure® cryopreservation bags and overwraps from fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) utilizing a proprietary laser welding process. We are proud to take part in providing solutions for a multitude of cell therapy applications including the manufacturing of standard products and collaborating with our customers to develop custom, single-use systems. It is our goal to be an integral part of the cell therapy field by providing advanced closed system solutions. We strive to understand our customers’ requirements and to consistently meet and exceed their expectations whilst committing to providing a superior standard of service.

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