Lee Buckler

Vice President, Business and Corporate Development, RepliCel Life Sciences

Could Collagen-rich Fibroblast Cells from the Hair Follicle Reverse Skin Damage?

RepliCel Life Sciences has received approval to conduct a phase 1 trial in healthy volunteers investigating the potential of its skin rejuvenation product, RCS-01, to treat intrinsic aging of the skin, skin wrinkling and solar degeneration of the skin. RepliCel’s non-bulbar dermal sheath-derived fibroblast therapy (RCS-01) provides a promising treatment for these conditions by providing UV-naïve collagen-producing cells directly to affected areas. RepliCel’s unique manufacturing technology allows for isolation of fibroblasts derived from anagen-hair follicle mesenchymal tissue, which elicit efficient replication potential in culture. Furthermore, the proprietary culture conditions in which RCS-01 is manufactured should enable these cells to maintain their inherent ability to adapt to their microenvironment and respond to the surrounding stimuli after injection, leading to robust, natural production of type 1 collagen, elastin and other extracellular proteins within the tissue. The goal is to develop a first-of-its-kind treatment for fine wrinkles on sun-damaged skin.
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Sep 01, 2015

Recruitment for cellular treatment for chronic Achilles tendinosis underway

Chronic Achilles tendinosis affects both physically active and inactive individuals accounting for 30 to 50% of all sports injuries and 50% of occupation-related disorders in the United States. The study will include 28 participants with chronic Achilles tendinosis. Study participants will receive ultrasound-guided injections of either RCT-01 or placebo (on a 3:1 treatment-to-placebo ratio) directly into areas of injury within the Achilles tendon. Participants’ overall health and tendinosis will be monitored over a six month period while they undergo post-treatment physiotherapy to help facilitate recovery from their Achilles tendinosis.
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Apr 15, 2015
Member Exclusive

Will Stem Cell Profits Measure Up?

It makes no sense to look at stem cell companies differently from drug or biologics companies. The technology may be different, but the diseases they seek to treat are the same. In fact, cell therapies may ultimately be more useful and more curative than drugs, and hence more valuable. That's the way Alain Vertès of NxR Biotechnologies sees it. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Vertès talks about some of the stem cell names he knows well, and draws comparisons investors can bank on.
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Mar 19, 2015
Member Exclusive

Newly Released Peer-Reviewed Publication Further Validates RepliCel’s Use of Dermal Sheath Cup Cells to Treat Pattern Baldness

RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. (OTCQB: REPCF) (TSX.V: RP), a clinical stage regenerative medicine company focused on the development of autologous cell therapies, announced today the publication of a paper out of the University of Calgary in conjunction with co-authors from Kyoto University and the University of North Carolina, which further validates the company's ongoing clinical research using dermal sheath cup (DSC) cells to reverse the effects of pattern baldness.
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Dec 22, 2014