Engineered peptide hydrogels now available from Manchester BIOGEL

PeptiGelDesign is relaunching as Manchester BIOGEL and will continue to supply printable hydrogels for regenerative medicine research.

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Jun 19, 2018

PeptiGelDesign (Manchester, UK), which produces sophisticated peptide hydrogels engineered to meet individual cell needs, is relaunching as Manchester BIOGEL. The rebranding will reflect the wider reach of the company, whilst recognizing the world leading research on which it is founded coming out of Manchester.

Due to unique shear thinning properties, PeptiGels don’t require any post-3D printing processing. They are composed of a dense network of nanosize synthetic peptide fibers, minimizing batch to batch variability and mimicking a cells natural environment. They are nontoxic, biocompatible and biodegradable, making them ideal for cell and tissue engineering, regenerative medicine implants and tissue models for drug testing. PeptiGels are also transparent, which makes them compatible with most cell staining, imaging and counting procedures.

Aline Miller, Chief Operations Officer at Manchester BIOGEL stated, “It is an exciting time for us as the relaunch will provide us with a high-quality backdrop to see our leading hydrogel bioinks be used within high growth application areas.”

Professors Aline Miller and Alberto Saiani (Scientific Director, Manchester BIOGEL) launched PeptiGelDesign, in collaboration with Guillaume Saint-Pierre, in 2014 after over 15 years perfecting their peptide-based technology platform.

“PeptiGels allow us to print well-defined 3D structure onto which we can grow cells. Since the product family has a range of products of different stiffnesses, we can create the most suitable environment for cells to proliferate and differentiate,” commented Clare Mills, Professor of Molecular Allergology (University of Manchester).

Source: PeptiGel press release

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