Workshop: Immunomodulation of Stem Cells 2015

The UKRMP Immunomodulation Hub are pleased to announce the Immunomodulation of Stem Cells Workshop, which will be held at the Academy of Medical Sciences, London. The Workshop will begin at 9 am on Thursday December 10th and will conclude on Friday December 11th at 5pm. Our Speaker list includes: Irving Weissman, Hans Dieter Volk, David Mooney, Joseph Wu, Matthew Albert, Fiona Powrie, Frederic Geissmann, Caetano Reis e Sousa, Allan Bradley, Hongkui Deng, Stuart Forbes, Robert Deans, Kai Pinkernell, Kathryn Wood, Stefan Bornstein, Robert Lechler, Kevin Shakesheff, Mark Lythgoe, Alicia El Haj, Marcelo Rivolta.

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May 12, 2015

Please see here for more information;

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Curtis Asante

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Alexandra Thompson over 4 years ago

Sounds great Curtis, I'll add this to our 2015 conference/meeting planner!