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The KU Leuven Alumni Chapter in London and Leuven, Inc. are organizing a visionary seminar on regenerative medicine on 30 September in London

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The Field of Regenerative Medicine (RegMed) is growing at a rapid pace. Increasingly, scientists, engineers, companies, clinicians, politicians and members of the public are working together to get the best and most effective stem cell therapies out to those who need them the most in the shortest possible amount of time.

This event will discuss the growth of regional RegMed ecosystem by showcasing some of the cutting-edge engineering work currently underway in the Leuven region that will allow to build a regenerative medicine industry- such as 3D printing, nanotechnology and the road towards “living implant” tissue engineering - and will allow for networking amongst industry leaders.

The lineup includes:

Jan Schrooten, PhD, has extensive experience at the interface between engineering, biology and medical innovation; co-founded KU Leuven Prometheus and Antleron, currently Coordinator of the RegMed platform.

Peter Peumans, PhD, Assistant Professor at Stanford; currently Program Director at imec, a world-leading research institute in nanotechnology, where he is developing instruments to change the face of life science discovery.

Peter Mercelis, PhD, 3D metal printing pioneer, co-founded LayerWise, producer of the world’s first clinically used 3D printed lower jaw Ti alloy implant; currently Director Applied Technologies, Healthcare, at LayerWise/3D systems.

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