Magnetic nanoparticles: novel options for vascular repair?

Free Editorial by Daniela Wenzel (University Clinic Bonn, Germany) on use of magnetic nanoparticles for drug, gene and endothelial cell vascular therapies.

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The application of magnetic nanoparticles can support site-specific positioning of drugs, genetic vectors and cells in the vasculature for improved local therapeutic action and reduced remote adverse effects. This Editorial by Daniela Wenzel (University Clinic Bonn, Germany) looks at the current state and future of magnetic nanoparticles for vascular repair via pharmaceutical, gene and endothelial cell therapies.

Wenzel D. Magnetic nanoparticles: novel options for vascular repair? Nanomedicine (Lond.) doi:10.2217/nnm-2016-0031 (2016) (Epub ahead of print).

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