On biomaterials for health: an interview with Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson, professor of chemistry at University of Warwick (UK) discusses his work in biomaterials and its relevance to regenerative medicine.

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Jul 18, 2016

Following his talk at the 10th World Biomaterials Congress 2016 in Montreal (Canada), Future Science OA's Managing Editor Francesca Lake spoke to Matt Gibson about his career thus far, and his work applying polymer and sugar chemistry to healthcare applications.

Taking the interesting chemist's path of attempting to understand the medical/biotech problem before looking to the solution, Matt works in a joint position between the Department of Chemistry and the medical school at Warwick. His work covers a variety of aspects of healthcare and presents him with many challenges.In this interview, we focus on his work in biosensing and cryopreservation, the latter of which has interesting implications for regenerative medicine as we look toward improving the storage, transportation and banking of tissues.

Gibson MI. From ice to bugs: polymers and sugars to address healthcare challenges. Future Science OA FSO131 doi:10.4155/fsoa-2016-0043 (2016).

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