Integration concepts for multi-organ chips: how to maintain flexibility?!

In this Future Science OA perspective, learn about designing flexible platforms for drug development and disease modelling.

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Feb 07, 2018

Multi-organ platforms have an enormous potential to lead to a paradigm shift in a multitude of research domains including drug development, toxicological screening, personalized medicine as well as disease modeling. Integrating multiple organ–tissues into one microfluidic circulation merges the advantages of cell lines (human genetic background) and animal models (complex physiology) and enables the creation of more in vivo-like in vitro models

"Together, the technology will help to significantly reduce the use of animal models in the coming years and may lead to an animal-testing free R&D in the distant future"

In recent years, a variety of design concepts for multi-organ platforms have been introduced, categorizable into static, semistatic and flexible systems. This perspective elucidates the concept of ‘mix-and-match’ toolboxes and discusses the numerous advantages compared with static/semistatic platforms as well as remaining challenges.

Rogal J, Probst C, Loskill P. Integration concepts for multi-organ chips: how to maintain flexibility?! Future Sci. OA. 3(2), FSO180 (2017)

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