Forty-nine years in Biomaterials Science: an interview with Buddy Ratner

Future Science OA speaks to bioengineering legend Buddy Ratner about his work and the future of biomaterials.

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Feb 07, 2017

Professor Buddy Ratner has led the UWEB Research Center for Biomaterials at the University of Washington since 1992. Widely considered a pioneer and leader of the biomaterials field, his research spans biomaterials, tissue engineering, polymers, biocompatibility and surface analysis of organic materials.

The Managing Editor of Future Science OA, Francesca Lake, spoke to Ratner about his word at UWEB, his predictions for the future of biomaterials and 3D printing, and his advice for researchers seeking to translate their research into clinical applications.

Read the post over on 3DMedNet to learn more and read the interview in full.

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