Oxford Global Conferences presents 6th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress, with their co-located 4th Annual Stem Cell Congress and 3rd Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Congress

Read the agendas plus register free for three pre-conference webinars featuring industry experts.

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Aug 15, 2017

Oxford Global Conferences presents its 6th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress, with their co-located 4th Annual Stem Cell Congress and 3rd Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Congress, 6 - 7 November 2017, London, UK.

Cell Culture Agenda: http://bit.ly/16ggueh

Cell & Gene Therapy Agenda: http://bit.ly/2b80uCZ

Stem Cell Agenda: http://bit.ly/1UFFfFC

Featuring 9 interactive streams:

  • Early Cell Line Development
  • Process Development
  • Late Stage Cell Line Development
  • Biological Production
  • Cell & Gene Therapy: Development & Clinical Trials
  • Stem Cell Bioprocessing
  • Industry Spotlight Presentations
  • Stem Cell Therapy Development: Clinical Trials
  • Cell Therapy Bioprocessing and Manufacturing

Presentations will include 3D cell culture, single cell technology, upstream processing and interactive panel discussions on the challenges of new purification approaches and advances in cell line engineering tools and techniques. The congress will also cover the following topics: Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Reprogramming, Reprogramming and Trans-differentiation techniques, Bioprocessing, Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing, Centralized Manufacturing – large scale manufacturing, De-centralised Manufacturing – small scale manufacturing  

Cell Culture Webinar 2017: CHO Host Cell Engineering and Expression Vector Development to Increase Production and Quality of Recombinant Proteins Hosted by Elizabeth Harker Scheideman, Director, Cell Line Development, Vaccine Production Program, VRC/NIAID/NIH.

Please Register for Free: bit.ly/2mPswIP

Cell Therapy Webinar 2017: Regulatory Strategies to Implement your Manufacturing Processes Hosted by Jacqueline Barry, Chief Clinical Officer, Cell Therapy Catapult.

Please Register for Free: bit.ly/2ps3pvG

Stem Cell Webinar 2017: Engineering Defined, Scalable, 3D Biomaterial Culture Systems for Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation Hosted by David Schaffer, Director, Berkeley Stem Cell Center, University of California, Berkeley

Please Register for Free: http://bit.ly/2pZr1EO  

For further information regarding prices and booking details, please contact Guillaume Alonso at g.alonso@oxfordglobal.co.uk or call +44 (0)1865 248 455

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