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Oct 30, 2017

The cell therapy industry is rapidly evolving, with new techniques, technology and applications being developed all the time. After some high-profile failures, all eyes are on regulating existing therapies to ensure patient safety is paramount. Legislators, regulators and other stakeholders around world are navigating a difficult line between hope, hype and the scientific evidence.

However, even with supportive regulation, approved cell therapies will need to be truly commercially viable to meet the expectations of patients and clinicians and convince researchers and manufactures to invest in their future. With increased availability of cell therapy on the horizon, and in some cases here, it is crucial that consideration is given to adequate management of manufacture to ensure treatment reimbursement is profitable for both patients and manufacturers.

This spotlight will provide an insight into the challenges, trends, developments and debates surrounding the many factors that influence the commercial viability of a cell therapy. We will explore translation of therapies, good manufacturing practice and methods of scale-up with the help of experts from industry and academia.

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