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Apr 05, 2018

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Organoids offer a unique opportunity to model drugs and diseases in vitro; these 3D cell cultures comprise of a range of organ-specific cell types and are closely biomimetic, enabling more accurate drug testing and disease modelling than traditional 2D cultures. They can be grown from a range of cell types, including human and murine embryonic stem cells (SCs), pluripotent SCs and other adult SCs.

However, they are not without inaccuracy. Without vasculature, their ability to mature and sustain themselves is limited, and some organoids may lack key cells types. Organoids developed from human embryonic SCs are also subject to the same intense debate around the ethics of utilizing these cells.

This spotlight will aim to review technological developments that have allowed organoids to become a viable research tool as well as remaining challenges in their production. We will also cover the varied applications for which organoids could be utilized, and investigate what the future could hold for organoids in research and clinical translation.

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