BMP-7 demonstrates promise for treatment of osteoarthritis in Phase IIa trial

Ember Therapeutics (NY, USA) releases Phase IIa trial data demonstrating efficacy of BMP-7 in patients with moderate osteoarthritis of the knee

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Oct 27, 2015

Initial results from a Phase IIa trial of local BMP-7 administration in patients with moderate osteoarthritis of the knee have been released by Ember Therapeutics, Inc., a New York (USA)-based company focusing on the development of targeted therapies for osteoarthritis, kidney fibrosis and other indications using BMP-7.

This recent Phase IIa trial investigated BMP-7 administration in patients with moderate knee osteoarthritis. Initial analysis of 78 of the 320 enrolled patients suggests that even a single local dose of BMP-7 could prevent cartilage loss and had potential anabolic effects. BMP-7 has already been demonstrated to facilitate effective joint cartilage formation, in addition to inhibiting and reversing injury- or disease-induced organ fibrosis in the kidney, heart and lungs.

Ember Therapeutics’ CEO Joesph Hernandez explained: "The initial results are very encouraging. We expect to observe a similar trend when analyzing the remainder of the Phase II data. Importantly, these clinical results represent a potential major advance for the entire osteoarthritis community. BMP-7 is expected to have a profound impact in the osteoarthritis field, where the only treatment options are pain relievers or knee replacement therapy. This therapy is expected to alter the course of the disease. Something that does not exist today."

Ember Therapeutics is now raising funds and seeking partners for extension to a Phase III trial.

– Written by Hannah Wilson


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Bill Rowe almost 3 years ago

Can someone with osteoarthritis volunteer for these clinical trials? Thanks. Bill

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Freya Leask over 2 years ago

Thanks for your interest, Bill - for more information on the trial, please contact Ember Therapeutics. Freya