Award for Cultivating Excellence 2018: Roger Barker Lab

In this feature, learn more about one of our 2018 finalists, the Roger Barker Lab.

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Sep 17, 2018

Please introduce the lab, highlighting any key members.

We have a large research group – many of whom enjoy outdoor activities and sport as well as spending time with their young families.

"Innovative work, exemplary teamwork, excellent communicator"

What is the lab’s proudest achievement to date?

Completing first in human trials in cell therapies in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Huntington’s disease (HD), as well as gene therapy trials in both conditions, and a drug repurposing trial in HD.

"mentorship and promoting professional development are key parts of their program"

Why is it important for labs/groups to share their achievements outside of their institution?

To encourage others to do similar work, and to share our enthusiasm and ambition to translate therapies from the lab to patients.

"The ground breaking but it has a clear pathway back to the patients. It will change real peoples lives in the short term"

What are the lab’s plans for the future?

To continue to develop new therapies for patients with PD and HD, including drug repurposing trials and stem cell therapies, as well as developing better pre-clinical models by which to test such treatments.

"The patient is at the heart of everything Roger Barker's lab does"
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