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Meet the finalists of the 2019 RegMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence and vote for your winner!

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Jul 02, 2019

From 42 nominations, we have our four lab shortlist...but there can only be one winner!

Voting is now closed

After launching nominations for the RegMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence earlier this year, we have been overwhelmed with your enthusiasm to recognize and celebrate the work of regenerative medicine labs around the world. After deliberation by our judges we are delighted to announce the finalists for this year’s award.

Meet our finalists:

BioMimetics Sympathies (Japan)

BioMimetics Sympathies Inc. laboratories have been involved in the manufacturing human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hAdMSC) since 2010. Its advanced “cell processing center” is actively producing hAdMSC and its cultured conditioned medium (CM) and have steadily contributed to the stem cell development and technology transfer in the region. 

Major achievements include:

  1. Development of a proprietary human and animal origin-free medium for stem cell culture
  2. Collaboration with Rohto Pharmaceutical company (Japan) in development of ADR-001 hAdMSC, a drug candidate that induce regeneration of liver tissue for the treatment of liver cirrhosis which is now under phase I/II clinical trials. ADR-001 has been already licensed to Shionogi Pharmaceutical Co. (Japan) for clinical development and commercialization in Japan and is open for overseas licensing.
  3. Stem cell production technology transfer and training of the lab personnel to be self-sufficient.
  4. Public dissemination of information on regenerative medicine through several patents, research publications and presentations in domestic and international scientific meetings. The BMS labs continue to develop additional applications of hAdMSC for treatment of chronic pain and arteriosclerosis.

Why they were nominated

"This lab has provided young researchers by hand-on-training, weekly small group lectures and presentation of research results to make them ready and capable of independent research and presentation at domestic and international scientific congresses"

"This lab has continually promoted research in the field of regenerative medicine....our researchers have collaborated with university departments to expand their knowledge and skills and generate new ideas leading to development of so called 'super stem cells'"

Orthopaedic Biotechnology Laboratory, IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute (Italy)

The Orthopaedic Biotechnology Lab (OBL) aims to translating basic research into clinical practice, bridging the gap between technical innovation and actual therapeutic approaches. The main goal of the group is to investigate the therapeutic abilities of MSCs and their derived products, using in vitro and in vivo models in musculoskeletal regenerative medicine. In addition, in collaboration with REGAIN (REgenerative GAleazzi INstitute), OBL characterizes the biological products (cell and blood concentrates) used for the treatment of each patient, creating a unique entity in the current panorama. 

The group is composed by personnel with skills in isolation, culture and characterization of different type of primary human cells, as well as in small animal models and clinical trials conduction. 

OBL has actively been recipient of research grants from public and private entities, has several ongoing collaborations with other national and international research centers and private industry, and supports abroad experience of its personnel.

Why they were nominated

"[We have] held interviews about regenerative medicine for different Italian media and aim to enhance the interest in clinicians in the regenerative medicine techniques...[and are] often invited to write educational materials for patients and the general population"

"the lab has provided the staff members all the opportunities to develop their career, [such as] work experience abroad, high school and master's internships and conference participation"

Pathways to Stem Cell Science (USA)

Pathways to Stem Cell Science promote the advancement of stem cell science and regenerative medicine through the combined provision of contract research services and educational programs. Their research services lower the barrier to working with stem cells by providing cost-effective support for customized scientific projects. Their real-world education programs enable students of all ages, Pre-K to 12 and college to work hands-on with stem cells, providing the skills, inspiration, career education and professional experiences needed to forge successful bioscience careers. They also support public outreach and provide specialized industry training to professional scientists.

Why they were nominated

"They promote the advancement of stem cell science and regenerative medicine through the combined provision of contract research services and educational programs. Their research services lower the barrier to working with stem cells by providing cost-effective support for customized scientific projects.....They also support public outreach and provide specialized industry training to professional scientists."

"We are developing a public education course that will teach members of the public about stem cells, both theoretically and working hands on,...we perform public education and outreach to prevent members of the public falling prey to fraudulent stem cell therapies and clinics that exist throughout the US...[and] provide low cost non-profit contract research support for bioscience/stem cell labs as well as participating in conferences. "

The Terzic Laboratory, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Mayo Clinic (USA)

Professor Andre Terzic has dedicated his career to advancing discovery, development and dissemination of new therapies, and he and his team are pioneers in emerging technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disorders. 

He has promoted and nurtured the education and career development of next generation scientists nationally and internationally, and trained over 60 physician-scientists, fellows and graduate/undergraduate students. His commitment to career development of young investigators is further attested through the build-up of the National Institutes of Health Training Program in “Cardiovasology” and coordination of Trans-Atlantic Networks of Excellence bringing together transcontinental efforts. His trainees have received more than 50 awards underscoring their collective, team-science impact. With his team, he helped launch the first dedicated patient-centric regenerative medicine curriculum embedded into medical school core learning, offering a tool to equip healthcare providers to adopt and deliver validated regenerative care options.  

Professor Terzic has contributed to the national Bipartisan Policy Center’s work on advancing medical innovation, highlighting the external communication and outreach impact in promoting regenerative medicine to the general public.

Why they were nominated

"...this group established the international consortium which was the first to test the safety and efficacy of induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of heart failure"

They have "spearheaded numerous education and training activities at the state level...[and] by publishing the definitive work on integrating regenerative medicine into the curricula of medical schools"

Who will you vote for?

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