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Our latest feature summarizes the highs of 2019, bringing together the biggest news, events and articles with a few new things made available for RegMedNet members.

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Dec 17, 2019

The new year quickly approaches and so, naturally, we begin to reflect upon the last 365 days with a mix of both pleasure and pain: thinking on those countless hours spent on experiments that haven't worked, and those few glorious results that have shaken the industry.

This year is particularly special for us here at RegMedNet as we congratulate Freya Leask on her promotion and welcome Alexander Marshall as the new Editor. To mark the end of the year, we have compiled the best news stories, the Editor's top picks for 2019, an interview with the fabulous Freya Leask about her three years working with our amazing members, and some academic papers we think you will enjoy (including exclusive free access to RegMedNet members).

All that's left to say for 2019 is HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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