Thermal Impact on the Fabrication of 3D Cardiac Scaffolds for Myocardium Tissue Engineering

Highlighting a recent study on cardiac scaffold fabrication using 3D printer


Alginate-polycaprolactone (PCL) can be a good candidate for hybrid cardiac scaffold. PCL gives strength to the scaffold and alginate provides an environment for cell growth. One major concern during 3D plotting of the alginate-PCL scaffold is the thermal effect of hot PCL strands on cells in alginate dispensed in spaces between PCL strands. Based on an actual 3D alginate-PCL scaffold, a 3D computational heat transfer model coupled with cell survival equation was developed and validated to predict thermal impact of PCL strands on cells within the alginate strands during 3D printing of the scaffold. Cells in alginate strands were not affected by the dispensing PCL in the same layer but in the subsequent layer.

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Mohammad Izadifar (Ph.D.)

Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering, University of Toronto

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