Can new generation lasers influence tissue engineering? Neo Niche is a newly patented technique that has been shown effective in vivo results

Neo Niche : This technique combines the use of a new age cosmetic laser, with plant stem cell extract, and n,acetal glucosamine to help regenerate collagen in the dermal layer. The influence of effective combination therapy to improve cosmetic outcomes. We propose an invited application of this combined technique to effectively influence tissue engineering In vivo .

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Jan 06, 2016

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Kavita Beri MD

Medical Director, Beri Esthetique

Specializing in Anti-Aging Skin rejuvencation, Scar treatments Special Focus on research in combining Laser with Stem cells Developed Neo Niche-TM Technique for Neo-collagenesis Research Interest : Wound healing, working withplant stem cell extracts and their cosmetic application in combination with lasers.

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