9 Improvements in Stem Cell Biomedicine in 2016

9 Improvements We Could See in 2016 Thanks to Biotechnology


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James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D.

Director , Asymmetrex, LLC

Asymmetrex is a for-profit biotechnology start-up company with a focus on development of tools that address the two essential barriers to biomedical development of adult tissue stem cells - tissue stem identification and tissue stem cell production. The company's lead applications are first-of-their kind technologies for identifying and counting adult tissue stem cells. These technologies include a portfolio of newly discovered mRNA and protein biomarkers with highly specific expression in asymmetrically self-renewing tissue stem cells. The the new biomarkers are patented for use to identify and quantify tissue stem cells. A second technology employs computer simulation to accurately estimate stem cell number in any primary or stem cell-enriched tissue cell culture. The computer simulation technology has applications for determining stem cell dose in transplantation treatment samples and for detection of stem cell-active agents, including drug candidates that will fail in animal studies and clinical trials because of intolerable tissue stem cell toxicity. Asymmetrex is also working with strategic partners to develop its patented technologies for expanding adult tissue stem cells for applications in drug discovery and stem cell transplantation medicine.

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