15 years of Regenerative Medicine: the field, the journal

Written by RegMedNet, Regenerative Medicine

The last 15 years have seen dramatic developments in the field of regenerative medicine, as it has grown from its infancy to an established field poised to become the next pillar in a modern healthcare system. This period has also seen the journal Regenerative Medicine grow from it’s launch to become one of the leading journals serving the field. In this special feature, RegMedNet and Regenerative Medicine reflect on 15 years in the journal and the field, with expert interviews, a special edition of the Industry Update and more.

Ask the experts: 15 years of Regenerative Medicine, the journal and the field

In this feature, we’ve asked three experts from different areas of regenerative medicine (and members of the Regenerative Medicine editorial board) to discuss the last 15 years of the field and share their predictions for the next 15. Hear from Paul Knoepfler ( UC Davis School of Medicine, CA, USA), Bernard Siegel (Regenerative Medicine Foundation, FL, USA) and Glyn Stacey (International Stem Cell Banking Initiative, UK).

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Industry updates with Dusko Ilic: 2005-2020

Since 2006, Dusko Ilic has discussed the latest developments and news in regenerative medicine and stem cell research in Regenerative Medicine, and since 2019 has summarized his key takeaways each month exclusively for RegMedNet.

In this special edition of his industry updates to celebrate 15 years of Regenerative Medicine, Dusko shares his standout moments and surprises from the last 15 years in the field, and looks into his crystal ball about what the next 15 may hold.

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A brief history of Regenerative Medicine: top 10 articles from 15 years of the journal

Since the birth of Regenerative Medicine in 2005, the field has moved forward in leaps and bounds. From the use of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, to a unified theory of aging, we look back at some of the most popular content from the last 15 years, in no particular order, and look forward to what the future has in store for our much-loved journal and the field as a whole.

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Regenerative outlook: offering global solutions for equitable care

When reviewing the last 15 years of regenerative medicine, it is important to think back to the ‘why’s and ‘what’s. Answering the question of ‘why regenerative medicine’ will always come back to assessing the main challenges faced by patients, indeed people. The future prospect of an increasingly aging population and imminent burden of chronic and noncommunicable disease was starting to impact on the individual, population and global society level. Addressing this challenge required more than the treatment of symptoms.

As readers, authors and the editorial team of Regenerative Medicine came together to reflect on 15 years of the journal, this appeared an apropos time to reflect on the field of regenerative medicine: what questions have been answered, what needs have been met, what new questions have appeared and what can we hope for the future of this ever-evolving field?

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