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Spotlight on immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a rapidly developing therapeutic approach that involves harnessing a patient’s immune system to fight disease, often cancer or immune disorders such as allergies. In recent years, the first immunotherapies for cancer have been trialled, approved and administered to patients; some offering amazing results. This spotlight will aim to review advancements and current obstacles in the manufacture and administration of immunotherapies as well as how these therapies are going to evolve and change healthcare in the coming years.

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RegMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence

The most valuable players in regenerative medicine aren't always those we see in the news; as well as ground-breaking research and award-winning facilities, we want to recognize achievement in areas such as career development and scientific outreach. The RegMedNet Award for Cultivating Excellence, launched in 2017, recognizes labs that are going above and beyond to further the field of regenerative medicine.

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