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News & views

This channel includes the latest news, interviews and opinion pieces on all aspects of regenerative medicine from around the world, aiming to keep you up to date with the field and aware of different insights and perspectives.

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Watch these webinars and panel discussions to learn about the latest developments and technologies directly from experts within the field and to pose your own questions to the presenters.

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Spotlight on commercialization and translation

This spotlight will provide an insight into the challenges, trends, developments and debates surrounding the many factors that influence the commercial viability of a cell therapy. We will explore translation of therapies, good manufacturing practice and methods of scale-up with the help of experts from industry and academia.

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Spotlight on cell therapy regulation

This spotlight on cell therapy regulation will aim to provide insight into challenges, trends, developments and debates in the regulation of cell therapies aimed at regenerative medicine applications. We will explore topics such as how policies differ globally, the challenge of steering through the regulatory landscape for both academic researchers and manufacturers, and the number of unproven cell therapies being advertised on the market.

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Spotlight on MDI Biological Laboratory

The MDI Biological Laboratory is a rapidly growing, independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution. Its mission is to improve human health and well-being through basic research, education, and development ventures that transform discoveries into cures.

Unlike most universities and academic medical centers, the MDI Biological Laboratory was established with the belief that removing obstacles to biomedical discovery and development leads to faster, bolder discoveries and solutions. The Institution’s flat organizational structure, small size, and forward-thinking leadership allow it to respond quickly and efficiently to new opportunities and challenges.

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Biobanks are an important resource for the research and development of cell and gene therapies, but biobanking requires the careful consideration of ethics and patient privacy, and carries issues around lack of inclusion of ethnic minorities. Furthermore, biobanks for cell therapies are still in their infancy in terms of potential to have a significant impact on healthcare: large, clinical-grade banks of cells, whether induced pluripotent stem cells or other, with diverse genetic backgrounds will be needed for widespread clinical application of cellular therapies. This channel includes content around all these different aspects, including the latest news and opinion, and top peer-reviewed articles.

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Cell therapy

This channel will provide updates on regenerative medicine cell therapies, from their discovery and translation to their manufacture and regulation. Read about the latest news in cell therapy development and discover top tips and techniques for scale-up and manufacture.

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Clinical trials

This channel will provide updates on regenerative medicine clinical trials, including all aspects of regenerative medicine such as cell-based therapies and drug therapies in clinical investigation. It covers not just upcoming clinical trials and those in progress or recently completed, but also looks as related topics such as dosage and protocols.

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Ethics & policy

A discussion of the developments and challenges in the legislation and regulation of regenerative medicine, including recruitment of minority populations to biobanks and clinical trials, the ethics of techniques such as genome editing, and safety and regulation around clinics.

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Industry developments

The regenerative medicine industry is booming, with therapies progressing along the development pipeline and companies developing various products and devices to try and bring them to the market. This channel looks at the latest industry news, including business developments, funding, acquisitions, mergers, collaborations and approvals.

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Getting a regenerative medicine to the clinic requires it to have a manufacturing process that can be scaled up sufficiently for large-scale production. For cell therapies, manufacturing sites need to meet strict quality and technical capabilities, and the therapies themselves need to be generated in sufficient numbers for clinical application and survive transportation. This channel will look at techniques, technologies and processes that may help support the safe, cost-effective and large-scale production of regenerative medicines

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Spotlight on iPSC production

The first generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) 10 years ago marked a huge milestone in the field, leading to great progress from disease modeling to development of new therapeutic approaches for numerous conditions. However, only one human trial using iPSCs has been carried out to date, which was halted owing to safety concerns but is set to resume in 2017. Our spotlight on iPSCs, a 2-month focus including journal articles, exclusive features and a panel discussion, will aim to review the current challenges in the production of iPSCs with a focus on consistency, safety and efficacy; clinical applications; and how these therapies are going to evolve and change healthcare in the coming years

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Spotlight on biomaterials

With the recent boom in 3D printing and the increasing introduction of hydrogels and scaffolds in research and clinical trials, biomaterials are playing a key role in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering more than ever before. However, in order to be successfully translated to the clinic and/or market, challenges such as biocompatibility, regulation and scalability as well as the ongoing debate of complexity versus simplicity need to be taken into consideration. The spotlight on biomaterials will be a 3-month focus on biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, which will feature a variety of content covering various themes and issues in the field.

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Spotlight on KCL’s Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Spotlight on the aims and expertise of King’s College London’s (KCL’s) Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, which officially opens in December 2015. Located in the Guy’s Hospital campus in London, the Centre will be the hub for cutting-edge stem cell research taking place across the College and its partner NHS Trusts, as part of King’s Health Partners.

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This channel presents the latest breakthroughs in bench side regenerative medicine and stem cell research, from the development of biomaterials to cell characterization. This will include the latest news as well as select journal articles.

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Spotlight on wound healing

Many different diseases and injuries such as trauma, surgery, burns, poor circulation and pressure can result in acute or chronic wounds, which can have a significant impact on quality of life and significant healthcare costs. Regenerative medicine has great potential to transform the healing of wounds by increasing the speed of healing, and reducing risk of infection and scarring. Furthermore, it has the potential to allow the true regeneration of tissue – including structures such as the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The spotlight on wound healing will be a 2-month focus on wound healing and regenerative medicine featuring a variety of content types, including journal articles and exclusive features, covering various key topics and issues in the field, such as translating basic research into the clinic.

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Regenerative Medicine

Since 2006, the award-winning peer-reviewed journal Regenerative Medicine (IF:2.868, MEDLINE-indexed) has been at the forefront of publishing the best in clinical translation, commercialization and regulation. By delivering the latest original research, reviews and opinions from leaders in the field, Regenerative Medicine continues to provide a specialist forum addressing the important challenges and advances in this rapidly evolving sector.

Read the latest journal news here, plus, exclusively for RegMedNet members, get free access to selected papers. For more information on Regenerative Medicine and to check out all the latest content, visit the journal site.

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