About RegMedNet 

RegMedNet is a community site that unites the diverse regenerative medicine community. Through partnership with our sister journal, Regenerative Medicine, we seek to educate and inspire to help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate.  

On RegMedNet, you can find free educational webinars, expert opinion and insight, and exclusive peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as the latest news and advances. You can watch, listen and read about every step in the regenerative medicine and cell therapy pipeline, from development, clinical trial and manufacture to regulation and commercialization, all in one place. 


About Regenerative Medicine 

Since 2006, Regenerative Medicine has been at the forefront of publishing the very best papers and reviews covering the entire regenerative medicine sector. The journal focusses on the entire spectrum of approaches to regenerative medicine, including small molecule drugs, biologics, biomaterials and tissue engineering, and cell and gene therapies, from discovery research, through to clinical development, through to commercialization.  

Regenerative Medicine provides a specialist forum to address the important challenges and advances in regenerative medicine, delivering this essential information in concise, clear and attractive article formats. The partnership with RegMedNet enables authors to present their research in the context of the current state of the industry, providing insight, expert insight and useful resources. 

Regenerative Medicine and RegMedNet together serve a rapidly growing, multidisciplinary and increasingly time-constrained community. We will continue to provide a critical overview of these advances as they progress, undergo clinical trials, and eventually become mainstream medicine. 


About Future Science Group 

Future Science Group, founded in 2001, is independently owned. Future Science Group’s portfolio consists of two imprints, Future Medicine and Future Science. Both publish books and journals. In addition to this core publishing business, Future Science Group develops specialist community-driven websites. Key titles and sites include Oncology Central, RegMedNet and the award-winning Regenerative Medicine. 

The aim of Future Science Group is to serve the advancement of clinical practice and drug research by enhancing the efficiency of communication among clinicians, researchers and decision-makers, and by providing innovative solutions to their information needs. This is achieved through a customer-centric approach, use of new technologies, products that deliver value-for-money and uncompromisingly high standards. 

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