Guided bone regeneration with a gelatin layer and adenoviral delivery of c-myb enhances bone healing in rat tibia

Written by Regenerative Medicine

Aim: Bone healing becomes problematic during certain states, such as trauma. This study verifies whether the application of c-myb with gelatin promotes bone healing during bone injuries. Materials & methods: A biodegradable membrane was modified with adenoviral vector c-myb (Ad/c-myb) and gelatin and applied in the bone injury site of rat tibia. Results:c-myb enhanced osteogenic differentiation and mineralization in bone marrow stromal cells after induction with osteogenic media. In vivo examination of rat tibia after application of the biodegradable membrane with Ad/c-myb and a gelatin layer demonstrated increased bone volume, bone mineral density, new bone formation and osteogenic molecules, compared with Ad/LacZ. Conclusion:c-myb has the potential to assist bone healing and may be applicable to the treatment of bone during injury.

Takanche JS, Kim J-E, Kim J-S, Yi H-K. Guided bone regeneration with a gelatine layer and adenovirus delivery of c-myb enhances bone healing in rat tibia. Regen. Med. 15(7), 1877–1890 (2020).