Infographic: iPSC expansion and differentiation

Discover how researchers are approaching iPSC expansion and differentiation to advance therapies in this free infographic.

As part of our Spotlight on iPSC expansion and differentiation, we surveyed the regenerative medicine community to gain insight into their work, including the type of transplantations their research is aimed at, the methods and platforms used for cell differentiation and cultivation and their views on the biggest challenges in the field.

Take a look at the results of the survey in the infographic below. To learn more about iPSC expansion and differentiation, check out our Spotlight. Plus, register for our upcoming panel discussion where experts from Lonza, Eppendorf and Mogrify will explore current practises and challenges in the field of iPSC expansion and differentiation and consider how these processes may evolve in the future. Register now >>

Q3 RMN spotlight survey infographic (1)