iPSC technology company Ncardia receives US$60 million investment

Written by Harriet Wall


Ncardia (Gosselies, Belgium), a leading human-induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology company, has recently announced their partnership with investment platform Kiniciti (NY, USA) – a collaboration which will facilitate the development of innovative iPSC-derived advanced therapies. 

Ncardia aims to help biopharmaceutical companies integrate human iPSC technologies into their drug discovery pipelines. Their portfolio includes human iPSC-derived cardiovascular, neural and immune cells – which can be utilized in disease modelling, drug efficacy screening and cardiac safety assessment.  

Kiniciti’s US$60 million investment will facilitate these endeavors, from clinical programs to commercial production.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Kiniciti as our strategic investment partner,” commented Alain Parthoens, Ncardia’s Chairman. “Kiniciti is uniquely suited to help Ncardia expand globally and to support our planned investment into GMP capabilities for our iPSC-based cell therapy platforms.” 

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iPSC-based cell therapy can be used to reprogramme somatic cells into stem cells – opening up a myriad of opportunities for regenerative therapy.  

“With this partnership, we can enhance our technology platforms with Kiniciti’s capital and deep expertise to create a strong and successful global iPSC leader,” said Ncardia co-founder and CEO Stefan Braam. “We’ll do that on the drug discovery side by building additional human cellular models with the capability to predict whether drugs are safe and efficacious much earlier in the development process. In cell therapy, we’re going to help our customers with novel manufacturing technology that will create robust iPSC-based allogenic platforms in the immuno-oncology field.” 

Through their partnership with Ncardia, Kiniciti aims to help deliver these cell and gene therapeutics quickly and safely to patients worldwide. 

“Combining Ncardia’s revolutionary, differentiated science with our ability to build global companies and supporting ecosystems will create significant value for therapeutic customers,” concluded Geoff Glass, CEO of Kiniciti. “We’re excited to make Ncardia the centerpiece of an ecosystem that we will build to ensure that cell therapies claim their rightful place in advancing human health. Through this partnership, Ncardia’s customers will benefit from the company’s expanded cGMP capabilities in cell therapy and more robust offerings in discovery services.”