Japan and Australia’s online market for unproven stem cell treatments

Written by Regenerative Medicine

To further public understanding of regenerative medicine, EuroStemCell has published lay summaries for all articles from the latest Regenerative Medicine special focus issue.

EuroStemCell have launched a digital platform to accompany the publication of the Regenerative Medicine two-part Special Focus Issue entitled “Regenerative Medicine in Society: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”. The platform presents lay summaries of each article in the issue which are freely available to all in order to engage and educate non-experts on the key issues surrounding regenerative medicine.

You can now read the lay summary for the article entitled “Open for business: a comparative study of websites selling autologous stem cells in Australia and Japan” from Megan Munsie et al. [1].

A growing number of clinics in Australia and Japan are taking advantage of the permissive stance of regulatory bodies with respect to the use of the patient’s own cells, so called autologous therapies, to offer unproven treatments to patients. Examining the websites of these clinics reveals common trends and differences between the claimed stem cell treatments, methods and uses in Japan and Australia, as well as the marketing approaches being used to attract customers.

What questions & challenges are raised? What insight and direction does this give for research policies? To find out, read the full lay summary on the EuroStemCell website here:

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[1] Munsie M, Lysaght T, Hendl T, Tan L, Kerridge I, Stewart COpen for business: a comparative study of websites selling autologous stem cells in Australia and Japan. Regen. Med. 12(7), 777—790 (2017).