Latest Advances 2021 Conference: oxygen and pH sensing in cell culture – free on-demand presentations

Written by Scientific Bioprocessing

Academic and industry subject matter experts and leaders convened virtually at a recent Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. (SBI; PA, USA) sponsored virtual conference to discuss the broader field of cell culture as well as the importance and power of real-time oxygen and pH sensing in biomanufacturing.

Keynote presenters included Doris A Taylor, Innovator and Entrepreneur, RegenMedix Technologies & RegenMedix Consulting (TX, USA); Ohad Karnieli, Founder and CEO of ADVA Biotechnology (Bar Lev Business Park, Israel); and Govind Rao, Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology and Professor, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (MD, USA).

A host of other expert panelists presented as well and engaged in a robust discussion about how advancements in cell and gene therapy, regenerative medicine, organ-on-a-chip microfluidics and other groundbreaking technologies are rapidly transforming drug development needs and processes.

Specific presentations covered the future of organ engineering, point-of-care cell therapy, a forward-looking retrospective on biomanufacturing and how sensors can be deployed to advance therapies development.

SBI has made all of these virtual presentations free to the public. Are you interested in learning about the latest developments in cell culture?


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