Top 10 most read items on RegMedNet in 2016

Written by RegMedNet

From stem cells to implantable devices, here are the 10 most read or watched items on RegMedNet in 2016.

Last year proved to be an exciting year for RegMedNet; we ran our first ever Spotlight events focused on biomaterials and wound healing, and had almost 3000 people use our site to keep up to date with the latest in regenerative medicine every month.

Below you can find our countdown of the top 10 most popular content features on RegMedNet in 2016, including a panel discussion on biomaterials with experts from across the world, our webinar on counting stem cells and the latest news on the treatment of degenerative back pain.

Which ones did you enjoy? What would you like to see more of? Let me know in the comments!

10. Developing 3D bioprinted, vascularized human skin for improved wound healing

In this editorial, Tânia Baltazar and Pankaj Karande (both Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, USA), explain how a vascular network to promote the survival of cells is crucial for the survival of skin grafts and full-thickness wound healing. Read the editorial.

9. Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Glossary

The third edition of the Regenerative Medicine Glossary, released in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary Special Focus Issue of Regenerative Medicine, contains over 35 additional terms, exclusive editorials from the Regenerative Medicine editorial board and is free for RegMedNet members. Read the glossary.

8. Cellular reprogramming to model the human brain in vitro: an interview with Cedric Bardy

We spoke to Cedric Bardy, (SAHMRI Mind & Brain; Adelaide, Australia), about progress in stem cell reprogramming technology and how it could apply to new treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Read the interview.

7. What is the current state of biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine?

In honor of our Spotlight on biomaterials, panelists Matteo Santin, Professor of Tissue Regeneration (University of Brighton, UK), Nasim Annabi, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering (Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA), and Nicola Tirelli, Professor of Polymers and Biomaterials (The University of Manchester, UK), discussed current technology and what the future could hold. Listen to the panel discussion.

6. Conference report from the Annual Skin Regeneration Symposium, Cambridge, UK, 12—13 April 2016

This annual event, held this year in Cambridge, explored the latest advancements in skin repair, regeneration and restoration. Speakers included Harvey Chant, Vascular Surgeon at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (UK) and Jeremy Rawlins, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Royal Perth Hospital (Australia). Read part one, part two and part three of the report from this interesting event.

5. Working in the regenerative medicine industry: an interview with Gail K Naughton

In this video interview, hear from Gail K Naughton, CEO of Histogen (CA, USA) and pioneer in the field of tissue engineering. Gail talks to us about her career to date and her experiences as a woman working in STEM — watch now.

4. Webinar: A first technology for counting adult tissue stem cells for applications in regenerative medicine and drug development

In this free webinar, understand the difficulties in counting adult stem cells and learn about a new technology that enables stem cells to be counted, plus learn how this information could impact stem cell research, biobanking practice, drug candidate evaluations and much more. Watch the webinar on-demand.

3. Regenerative medicine events lists

In 2016, over 2600 of you planned your event and conference attendance with our events lists. Find out what events are coming up in 2017 here, and learn more about all past events on the RegMedNet events channel.

2. Diabetes charity funding to advance human clinical trial of implantable medical device

The second most read feature of 2016 was a news story reporting that Type 1 diabetes charity Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Ltd (London, UK) had announced that it had entered into a research funding agreement with Sernova Corp. (London, ON, Canada) to start a clinical trial of a novel implantable device that could potentially reduce or eliminate the need for insulin injections. Read the article here.

And finally, our most read article of 2016 was….

1. New Phase III stem cell study for treatment of back pain associated with degenerative disc disease

In 2015, it was announced that Denver Back Pain Specialists (CO, USA) had enrolled its first patient in a new Phase III study. Although it is still recruiting, the study hopes to test a stem cell treatment for chronic lower back pain associated with degenerative disc disease. Read the article here.

Thank you for reading and commenting on 2016’s fascinating stories — we’re looking forward to bringing you more great posts in 2017!