Cell culture media for cell manufacturing

Consistent cell culture conditions are a must for reproducible cell manufacturing. In this webinar, learn about criteria for selecting GMP-grade cell culture reagents to generate high quality cell products.

Cell culture media strongly determine performance and safety of manufactured cell products as well as cell processing consistency. Hence, choosing a medium that supports translation from basic research to clinical applications is essential. In this webinar, we will discuss which criteria are key for selecting the best cell culture media for your intended cell manufacturing process.

What you will learn? 

  • Key considerations for selecting the right media for translational purposes
  • Differences in quality grades of cell culture media
  • Partnering with a supplier in cellular therapy: the importance of proven track records
  • Quality control on media and their raw materials for reproducibility of processes

Who may this interest?

  • Cell therapy providers and CMOs
  • GMP facilities
  • Professionals in cell manufacturing and process development
  • Researchers and companies in translational research


Thorsten Decker
Senior Product Manager – Stem Cells & Neuroscience, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

Thorsten is Product Manager for Stem cells & Neuroscience products at Miltenyi Biotec. He has extensive experience with hematopoietic, mesenchymal and pluripotent stem cells, cell culture reagents and automation up to GMP-grade. He obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology at the IMP Vienna working on mouse hematopoiesis. After his Postdoc in neurodegenerative research at the University of Cologne, he joined Miltenyi Biotec’s marketing team in 2010.