Establishing a universal resource of GMP-compliant iPSCs for broad patient populations

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Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are on a path to become a universal starting material in regenerative medicine and cancer therapy. The challenge of immune compatibility of these cells may be addressed using autologous or allogeneic approaches, the latter being suited for targeting broad patient populations.

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What will you learn?

  • Considerations for developing GMP-compliant manufacturing processes, requirements of donor eligibility and informed consent
  • Catalent’s effort to build a universal resource of GMP-compliant iPSC banks from HLA-homozygous cord blood units
  • Catalent’s capabilities in iPSC manufacturing, banking, reprogramming and differentiation workflows

Who may this interest?

  • Researchers working with iPSCs
  • Scientists interested in allogeneic therapies
  • Decision-makers at companies working on iPSC-based cell therapies


Dr Boris Greber

Head of R&D, iPSC/CT
Catalent Cell & Gene (NJ, USA)

Boris joined RheinCell Therapeutics in 2018. He previously served as an independent research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine (Germany). Boris is internationally recognized with a 15-year track record in basic and applied human iPSC research. At RheinCell Therapeutics he heads cell production and R&D activities. RheinCell Therapeutics was acquired by Catalent in August.


Thomas Marx

Director, Commercial Operations
Catalent Cell & Gene

Thomas joined RheinCell Therapeutics in 2019. Thomas has more than 25 years of global commercial management and leadership experience within the biopharmaceutical industry. His broad understanding of the scientific and regulatory environment is the critical basis for his role leading the business development strategy as well as sales activities and partner management within RheinCell Therapeutics. RheinCell Therapeutics was acquired by Catalent in August.



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