Scalable manufacturing of allogeneic cell therapy products using Vertical-Wheel bioreactors 

Allogeneic cell therapy products such as pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have amazing potential to cure a variety of serious diseases, but also have unique and challenging cell culture process requirements. The right manufacturing platform is critical to ensure cost-effective and reliable production of high-quality cell products, especially at larger volumes. Vertical-Wheel bioreactors are an enabling technology for scalable manufacturing of cell therapy products, from research scale all the way up to commercial production. Various customers have independently used Vertical-Wheel bioreactors to successfully develop scalable cell culture processes for different types of PSCs and MSCs.

What will you learn?

  • The challenges associated with manufacturing different allogeneic cell therapy products
  • The unique hydrodynamic benefits of Vertical-Wheel mixing technology
  • How Vertical-Wheel bioreactors can support expansion and differentiation of PSCs and MSCs in various scales
  • A complete, scalable manufacturing process for commercial production of a cell therapy product using Vertical-Wheel bioreactors

Who may this interest?

  • Companies and individuals currently or interested in working on cell therapy products who want to evaluate an ideal manufacturing platform
  • Companies and individuals requiring specific hydrodynamic mixing conditions for production of other therapeutic products such as proteins, DNA, mRNA, etc.


Maximilian Lee

Intellectual Property & Marketing Manager

PBS Biotech, Inc. (CA, USA)

Max joined PBS Biotech in 2017 and worked previously at Amgen (CA, USA) as a Research Associate. He has a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from Cornell University (NY, USA) and an MBA from the Marshall Graduate School of Business at USC (CA, USA).


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