2019 co-located Phacilitate Leaders World and the World Stem Cell Summit in Miami solidified regenerative medicine as the future of healthcare

Written by RegMedNet

Phacilitate Leaders World and the World Stem Cell Summit will return in 2020 for “Advanced Therapies Week”.

Phacilitate Leaders World (January 22-25, Miami, FL, USA), co-located with the World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS) recently concluded after a week of sharing breakthroughs, facing challenges and developing collaborations. The cure and treatment-focused meeting featured presentations on miraculous innovations in identifying the causes of disease, engineering body tissues and organs, reversing the aging process, accelerating wound healing and more, and hosted 1,500 attendees and 300 speakers.

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“This year’s World Stem Cell Summit moved us closer toward finding cures,” said Bernard Siegel, Founder of the WSCS and Executive Director of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation. “The brilliant men and women working in this field are so focused on their research and their patients: it is remarkable how invigorating and inspiring this week of collaboration can be. We all share the mandate to improve health and deliver cures; that is what ‘stem cell’ week was all about.”

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“We decided early in our planning that the success of this year’s Phacilitate Leaders World would be built on setting up the right partnerships to unite the industry and create an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. We are looking forward to “Advanced Therapies Week in 2020 in Miami” and taking our event to the next impactful level” said Michael Adeniya, Event Director at Phacilitate.

The 2019 Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Action Award honorees were recognized at a gala reception and dinner on Wednesday, January 23rd at the Hyatt Regency Miami.

  • This year’s Inspiration Award was awarded to Doug Oliver and the Regenerative Medicine Outcomes Foundation
  • The International Advocacy Award to Desirée Cox, founder of HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit
  • The International Advocacy Award to Robin Smith, from Unite To Cure and author of Cells Are the New Cure (2017)
  • The International Achievement Award to Lu Daopei Medical Group, a top hospital group in China, specializing in hematology, including blood disorders like leukemia, aplastic anemia, lymphomas, immune deficiency disorders and cellular immunotherapy
  • The Leadership Award to the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory, enabler of a new era of stem cell and regenerative medicine research in space aimed at improving life on Earth
  • The Stem Cells Translational Medicine “Young Investigator Award” to Yong-Beom Park

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