3D printer for prototyping custom reconstructive bone implants developed

Written by Alexandra Thompson

Bacterin International and Montana State University (both MT, USA) collaborate to develop a 3D printer capable of printing custom bone constructs.

Current surgical approaches for bone grafts are limited by the amount of a patient’s own bone that can be harvested and transplanted; therefore, generation of custom bone graft materials for reconstructive applications, such as facial trauma, is a significant area of biomaterials research.

Bacterin International, Inc., a subsidiary of Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. (MT, USA), has recently announced that the company has developed a 3D printer capable of prototyping custom, resorbable bone grafts for reconstructive procedures, in collaboration with the Montana State University Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MT, USA).

“We strongly believe that 3D printing has a place in the creation of innovative, regenerative bio-scaffolds,” stated Daniel Cox, Bacterin’s Product Development Specialist. “The production of a custom 3D printer capable of printing bone constructs for the medical needs of patients supports our interest in further investigating the possibilities in this space. Additionally, it was a pleasure to work with Montana State University on this project, lending support to our local community and strengthening our relationship with an incredible engineering institution.”

The custom 3D printer was developed by a team of student engineers in partnership with Bacterin’s Research & Development team. Bacterin also provided a grant for the development work.

Source: http://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/12/02/792270/0/en/Xtant-Medical-and-Montana-State-University-Develop-Custom-3D-Printer-for-Prototyping-Reconstructive-Implants.html#sthash.Uwj5fmoG.dpuf