Allele to launch new cell therapy program

Written by RegMedNet

iPSC program will focus on developing diabetes and spinal cord injury treatments

San Diego-based company Allele Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals (CA, USA) has announced that it will start developing iPSCs-derived cell therapies.

Formed in 1999, Allele states its mission as increasing accessibility to innovative molecular biology research tools by offering cutting edge technologies in individual products and fully integrated platforms. Over the past few years, Allele has developed proprietary techniques to generate iPSCs and novel methods to derive high quality tissue-specific cells with reduced technical difficulties. In 2016, Allele established specialized cell culture clean rooms which will now be dedicated to expanding donor cells, creating iPSC lines and differentiating iPSCs into various tissue cells.

“iPSCs provide the opportunity to make essentially any type of cell in a human body,” explained Allele CEO and founder Jiwu Wang. “We will apply innovative stem cell technologies to find new ways of treating disease, particularly to help people with difficult-to-treat conditions.” Allele has highlighted diabetes and spinal cord injury as the first areas of focus for its new cell therapy program.

Written by Hannah Wilson